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The 3rd edition of SugarTech Indonesia 2017 is Indonesia’s largest specialized sugar and bioethanol technology event that brings together an international congregation of sugar companies and also its supporting industries gathered in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia to showcase the latest developments in the world sugar and bioethanol industry.

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Latest News on the Sugar Industry:
  • In June 2016, Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman states that the Indonesian Government has prepared three areas in Eastern Indonesia for new sugarcane plantations. Planning its location at South East Sulawesi, Merauke in Papua, and the Aru Islands in Maluku, they are aiming to bring at least 10 sugar factories and sugarcane plantations for new investors
  • In September 2016, The Agriculture Minister states that there are 21 potential investors planning to open up new sugar factories in Indonesia
  • In September 2016, The Ministry of Trade will simplify the trading system between Indonesia islands for white sugar
Show Facts of SugarTech Indonesia
  • Registered more than 3000 sugar related visitors in Sugarex 2016
  • Generated more than USD 250 million worth of transactions during the exhibition
  • More than 100 exhibiting brands in more than 2500sqm of space in Sugarex 2016
  • Sugarex 2016 had expanded in exhibition size by more than 40% and now covers and area of more than 4000sqm!
Opportunities In The Indonesian Sugar Industry:
  • Indonesian Sugar Companies Looking For Upgrades of Machinery and tractors
  • Indonesian Sugar Farmers on the look-out for latest harvesting tools and equipment. Including the latest planting methods, fertilizers and planting solutions.
  • Indonesian Sugar Mills Looking for parts and technology upgrades.
  • Indonesian Sugar Refineries looking for upgrades and maintenance solutions.
  • Indonesian Sugar companies exploring Biogas and Bioethanol technology potential.
  • Indonesian Sugar companies finding solutions for Wastewater treatment.

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Asosiasi Gula Indonesia (AGI)

Indonesia Sugar Technology Community (ISTEC)

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Major News Update :

DONE DEAL! Leiter Indonesia has officially becomes an exhibitor

DONE DEAL! AMH Technologies has officially becomes an exhibitor

DONE DEAL! PT. Prakarsa Langgeng Maju Bersama has officially becomes an exhibitor

DONE DEAL! PT. Indo Sutech Sejahtera has officially becomes an exhibitor

DONE DEAL! PT. PT. Hamon Indonesia has officially becomes an exhibitor

DONE DEAL! PT. Buana Rantai have officially became an exhibitor

DONE DEAL! PT. Satrindo Mitra Utama have officially became an exhibitor


"Excellent ! Sugarex 2016 offer us a good opportunity in much focused manner. We hope the next event will be much bigger and successfull"
Mr Trison (Promotion Section, Promotion & Dealership Department)

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